A BRIDGE in Bell Busk which is owned by motorcycle trials rider Dougie Lampkin has been given the go ahead to be repaired and extended.

The bridge provides access over the River Aire to both Mill Lodge and Mill House. It is within Bell Busk conservation area and within a designated rural area.

The application sought full planning permission for the bridge to be extended in width by approximately 1.2 metres to allow for easier access to the residential houses.

Members of Craven District Council’s planning committee were told the existing railings are to be removed and replaced with a wall made from random stone.

Stone lintels and plinth blocks are to be added and a section of scaffolding is to be added to both sides with netting underneath.

Coniston Cold Parish Council said it had no objection to the proposals but wanted clarification of the scaffolding and whether it was intended to be a temporary fixing while the bridge was built.

They were told by planners that scaffolding will not be a temporary fixture; but is required to support the bridge itself and a condition was being put in place where it is to be painted black within six months of the date of permission.

No objections were forwarded by North Yorkshire County Council Highways and the Canal and Rivers Trust said the structure ‘falls outside the notified area for its application scale’.

Members were told the application sought to simply repair the bridge that already exists on site. The changes were ‘minimal’ and would provide a more suitable access for residents located on the east of the River Aire.

It was in officers’ opinion that the quality of Craven’s countryside and landscape would be conserved and that the proposals were acceptable.