A regular health and lifestyle column from Corinne Yeadon, of the Being Better private therapy practice based in Newmarket Street, Skipton

THESE are unprecedented times, reminiscent of families in wartime huddled around the wireless in anticipation of updates from esteemed leaders.

Does this mean that Boris will be catapulted to Churchillian status and immortalised in the history books, I suspect he may.

Many of us are existing in a state of disbelief and adjusting to this new norm, which appears to alter daily.

We find ourselves in a phase of processing and adapting to restrictions on daily living. There is so much that is unknown or inaccurate. To attempt to look too far ahead can only lead to catastrophic thinking and unhelpful guesstimation.

When feeling under threat our instinct is to survive, which can prompt behaviours rooted in fear such as bulk buying, frustration and agitation towards others.

Of course, the confronting threat is not limited to risk of infection but financial hardship and practical constraints.

I recently posted on social media encouraging people to, “Just take everything, day by day.” I stand by these words as we could not have predicted the present situation.

We can only be guided by the powers that be in terms of keeping safe, protecting loved ones and reducing the risk of spreading the infection on an already strained NHS.

Implementing some structure to daily lives can provide a sense of order. I am not suggesting a minute by minute itinerary for the day but a daily ‘to do’ plan can instil feelings of safety and security.

When planning, incorporate the daily nurturing of the five elements of self care - mind, body, emotional health, social and spiritual.

We are evolved creatures, we may not have control of our feelings, but we do have the power of choice regarding our thoughts and behaviours.

Be safe and take care.