A GLUSBURN pub forced to close its restaurant has teamed up with its ingredients supplier to help both the businesses survive.

The Dog and Cat Gun has become a collection point for a new click-and-collect grocery service set up by premium ingredients supplier Wellocks.

On offer are eight different food food boxes, including a Dairy Box, Cupboard and Pantry Box, Fresh Fruit Box and Sunday Lunch Box.

Members of the public can order online and collect from a restaurant in their local community by noon the following day.

Wellocks acted quickly to develop the new delivery model after local chefs, restaurateurs and pub landlords – its key customers – faced shutdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Dog and Gun will receive 10% of profits from the new Wellocks At Home partnership, while offering restaurant-standard ingredients to the local community.

Jill Martin, Managing Director of Wellocks, said: “The restaurants we supply are part of our family so when it was announced last week that many were to shut down and lose their incomes, we wanted to support in any way that we could.

“Our boxes not only help shoppers who either can’t get to the local shops or are facing empty shelves, but also our restaurant customers, giving them a way to earn an income during these very uncertain times.

"They take a cut for every box we sell and we’re incredibly proud to not only support them, but also the supply chain and local communities.”

Top chefs Lisa Allen, Michael Wignall and James Martin have showed Wellocks at Home their support.

Wellocks is one of the UK’s biggest suppliers for leading chefs, delivering fruit, vegetables, dairy, poultry, meat, sundries and store cupboard essentials daily.

Wellocks also plans to introduce home delivery for people who are not near a distribution point such as the Dog and Gun. Visit wellocksathome.co.uk to check availability for your postcode..

Also changing its service to help people during the the coronavirus lockdown is Keighley vehicle repair company Great Northern Cars.

Spokesman Ian Smith said: "We are disinfecting all vehicle before they are driven or repaired. During the pandemic we have been contacted by the AA and other recovery agents to collect and repair members' vehicles."