HUBS have been set up in Craven to make sure critical workers have access to childcare to see them through the Easter and other bank holidays, weekends and other times where there is no other provision in the area.

North Yorkshire County Council has worked with schools to set up small hubs close to hospitals across the county to provide care for pre-school and school aged children of key workers.

They will start on Good Friday, April 10, will run from 7.45am to 5.45pm and will continue to operate as long as they are needed throughout the coronavirus crisis.

In Craven, the hubs will be at Settle College, for four to 12 year olds; at Greatwood Community Primary School, Skipton, for four to 12 year olds; Sutton-in-Craven CoE Primary, for four to 12 year olds, and at Brougham Street Nursery School, Skipton, for pre school babies and children up to four years old.

Most schools are already remaining open over the Easter holidays for children of key workers, but the hubs will fill in gaps in childcare in the county.

The Brougham Street, early years hub will operate seven days a week, there will be early years professionals on site and there will be a maximum of ten places available.

Meanwhile, the centres for older children will run on weekends and bank holidays only, as the council believes there is already sufficient cover at its schools during the week. They will run from Good Friday, there will be up to 20 places available and they will be staffed by the existing school workforce.

Parents and carers will have to take their children to the hubs and to collect them, and to provide them with a packed lunch.

To book a place, go to:

The council’s corporate director of children and young people’s service, Stuart Carlton, said: “We are working with schools and early years providers to put childcare in place for those critical workers who need it.

“The early years hubs will operate seven days a week and will try to fill a gap in childcare provision which has emerged for critical workers and the schools hubs will operate during weekends and bank holidays.

“It has been a huge task to organise hubs across the county at such short notice and we would like to thank our partners in schools and the wider schools community for their work. Together we have worked to make sure the hubs will provide safe, welcoming environments for children.

“We are hugely grateful for the hard work, dedication and flexibility of all the school staff involved in making sure this happens and would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to them.”