I READ with interest the letter by Wilf Fenton regarding the invasion into the Yorkshire Dales National Park (Craven Herald letters, May 21) of endless streams of motorbikes, as already mentioned, many with illegal exhausts which frankly make our lives a misery.

I am not advocating banning motor bikes - if you ban anything, then what's next? Cycling? Fishing?

However don't we have any rights as residents? The local police are pretty useless - all they focus on here is speed cameras. Bikes are never challenged over the noise they make.

If we lived on a residential street this would never be tolerated. Just because we're in a small rural community it appears to be totally acceptable.

As I write this email there are motor bikes roaring past the house - and it's only Wednesday. Just wait until Saturday - it is literally endless.

We tried to sell our house a couple of years ago - in the 10 minutes that the viewers were standing outside 20 motorbikes roared past. Obviously that was the last we heard of them.

I guess the next step is to raise this issue with our MP - although I expect they're all a bit busy right now.

Bernadette Walsh