DOG walkers are being urged to be on their guard after more than 100 carpet tacks were scattered on a canal towpath.

The tacks are thought to have been recently strewn along a stretch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal, between Bradley and Farnhill.

The worrying find was announced on social media by Bradley resident Lindsey Ramsden.

Her husband, Jim, immediately went out with a magnet and managed to pick up 98 tacks.

“They were really difficult to see in the gravel and posed a danger to dogs, walkers and even runners who may be wearing thin-soled shoes because they probably wouldn’t have noticed them. The tacks could have gone through the soles or injured a dog.”

Mrs Ramsden, who with her husband is a foot healthcare practitioner said on the Bradley Village Community Facebook page: “Just to let people know on the towpath from Farnhill to the war memorial someone has put carpet tacks down. Please be aware of your dogs, avoid walking them on there and yourselves if you’ve thin soles on your feet. They will easily go through to your foot.

“Whoever has done this obviously not happy with cycles on there. At least that’s what we think they are aiming at.”

A response to her post appeared to agree with the feeling that cyclists were being targeted. It read: “I wondered how long it would be. The new surface - which is not finished yet - allows cyclist to go faster. I’d like to add I cycle and walk on this stretch a lot. I haven’t cycled since lockdown began. Whoever has left these tacks I hope you can sleep at night because your actions are far worse than the odd inconsiderate biker, walker or dog walker.”

Mr Ramsden said he believed tacks were sold in small packets of 100 and was pleased he managed to pickup almost all of them.

“It would be worth inquiring at hardware stores if anyone has been in recently to buy random boxes of these tacks. It’s not something you buy every day and if someone has bought a few , maybe with the intention of putting more down, it would be odd.

The incident had been reported to North Yorkshire Police who said: “Police received a call at 7.25pm Saturday, May 2, to report a number of metal tacks which appear to have been laid out along the path of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal between Farnhill and Bradley.

“The local authority was alerted who informed police that the land is managed by The Canal and River Trust, who were informed about the incident.”

The towpath had been reopened temporarily while maintenance work had begun earlier to update the path.

“That stretch of the path was closed again on May 20 after the Canal and River Trust announced work was to start again.