POLICE acting on a tip-off found 150 young people swimming, drinking and using drugs near the disused Threshfield Quarry.

The area is now a nature reserve and over the last few weeks since the coronavirus pandemic resulted in restricted outdoor activities, nearby residents have witnessed an increase in visitors and noise nuisance.

One resident who lives in the village says she will no longer walk her dog at the nature reserve because of an increase in nuisance behaviour over recent weeks.

The woman said neighbours and friends had said the same and were avoiding the area because of fear.

“There always used to be three or four cars at most with people going for a walk or taking their dog for exercise.

“But the Sunday before last it was mayhem. There were cars speeding up and down the lane, often with three or four youths or men in them. They would make a lot of noise revving their engines and generally make a disturbance,” she said.”

She said she counted 24 cars there and there were three families having barbecues which she regarded a fire hazard, as well as a potential for litter.

She said she retreated back to her home and contacted the police.

The woman said she had complained on several occasions and was ‘dismayed’ that the number of vehicles heading up to the quarry, particularly at weekends, was increasing.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “This area is included in our regular high-visibility patrol plan, after residents highlighted their concerns.

“We’re grateful to those who have contacted us with information.”

However, the woman said she couldn’t understand why more was not done to stop the anti-social behaviour, claiming there was regular drug use going on.

She said an acquaintance often walked round finding drugs paraphernalia after visitors had vacated the site, which he collected and disposed of.

“It is very worrying, especially if it gets to be a regular thing and gets increasingly worse. I have given police descriptions and car registrations numbers on several occasions and heard nothing.

Last week, Wednesday May 20, North Yorkshire PCSO Gillian Seed tweeted that she had gone to the nature reserve after a complaint.

She wrote: “7.38pm. We’ve just attended Threshfield Quarry following a report from a local resident. Upon arrival approximately 150 young people present swimming, drinking, drugs use. Not acceptable. Do you know where your son or daughter is at the moment?”