PET owners are being warned to be vigilant after a cat was injured by a spring trap in Linton Falls.

The incident was reported to police on May 18.

The cat had been caught by the leg in the untethered trap but managed to make its way home with the trap still attached to its leg.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: "A spring trap is often used to catch rodents or other small wildlife species but must be sited within an artificial or natural tunnel with restrictions on the tunnel entrance so that only target species can be caught by the trap. The traps must also be tethered so that animals cannot leave the area with it still attached.

"The trap appeared to be old and may have been in place for quite some time and at this stage, there have been no further reports of similar incidents in the area but pet owners are still asked to be vigilant.

"The cat has made a full recovery.

"If you have any information or concerns about this incident then please contact PC Harry Carpenter at North Yorkshire Police by calling 101 or email:

"If you come across a spring trap which you believe is set illegally, take plenty of photos to show how it is set and where it is positioned and report this to the police on 101 with a grid reference if possible."

Full details on restrictions regarding the use of spring traps can be found at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) website: