BARNOLDSWICK’S James Parkinson, known as ‘One Cure for Man’ has today released a new single and video on the potentially damaging world of social media.

The Haunted is all about the ever changing world of social media and how it creates a false and damaging perception of the lives around us, says James.

“Many of us find ourselves feeling envy at what we see through the lens of our friends’ social media presence, only to learn much later about the suffering behind the smiles, in some cases, far too late," he says.

The video was inspired by and in celebration of the life of his friend, Ian Seddon, a teacher and deputy principal based in Wigan, who sadly took his own life in August last year.

“I wanted to get across his love for music, art, films from the highest arthouse to the most popular of pop culture. He was an incredible man who inspired so many and brought so much positivity to people,” said James.

Images in the video are inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper, and specifically the clown in ‘Soir Bleu’ and the scene from ‘New York Apartment’.

James worked with producer and engineer Matt Heap, of Defining Lines, Honeyspider, Heathens.

"Working with Matt has been a total joy and a real success. Matt was very hands on with the recording, helping create huge sonic-scapes with my guitar effects and capturing the ambience and mood of the record," he added.

The Haunted is available on digital platforms and social media. To watch the full video visit: Stream The Haunted at: