RECYCLING expert Carole Taylor , recently named one of the UK’s top ‘influencers’, is urging people to go green and recycle their garden waste through Pendle Council’s fortnightly collection scheme.

Carole is Pendle Council’s waste and recycling co-ordinator and she plays a key role in encouraging people to recycle more and waste less.

“We collect over 2,500 tonnes of garden waste each year which is made into compost,” she said.

“Gardeners on the scheme who’d like to keep getting their green bin emptied from July onwards need to make sure they sign up by Friday, June 12 so they don’t miss any collections.”

Letters and emails about signing up for collections have already been sent out to almost 8,000 households which are already on the scheme.

The subsidised garden waste service runs from the start of July until the end of November, this year, and from the start of March to the end of June, 2021.

“The cost for the nine month service is £33 and is still one of the cheapest garden waste collections in the country,” said Carole. Craven District Council currently charges £36 for its garden waste service, which runs from the start of April to the end of March.

“Any gardeners not on the scheme who are interested in applying to join can check to see if we can add their address to our rounds. And gardeners who’d like some advice on which jobs to do in early summer can visit our website to help make the most of their gardens,” said Carole.

Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, leader of Pendle Council, said:“We are lucky to have someone as passionate as Carole leading our efforts to reduce waste and recycle more.

“Recycling plays an important part in tackling the environmental crisis which is affecting us locally, nationally and globally.”

He added: “Carole has been recently voted 15th in the UK’s 100 top influencers for promoting waste as a resource which can be used rather than going to landfill.

“She’s in good company. Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are in the top 100 too.”

Carole is chairman of the UK wide Local Authority Recycling Committee LARAC - a leading voice on recycling and waste management which helps to influence UK government policy on recycling.

LARAC describes her as “an excellent advocate for recycling.”

And in her spare time Carole volunteers at Pendle Food For All Food Club, a charitable organisation which distributes food to those in need.

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