A regular health and lifestyle column from Corinne Yeadon, of the Being Better private therapy practice based in Newmarket Street, Skipton

AT the beginning of lockdown there was a period of readjustment to working from home; it took some time to settle into a structure and routine, which has required tweaking from time to time.

I had been mindful of honouring five elements of self care - spiritual, social, body, emotional and mind - on a daily basis.

I have been proactive in structuring work days, setting the alarm, wearing work clothes and having a designated work area.

One of my cats did not get the memo, electing to spring onto the back of my swivel chair with astonishing velocity resulting in a “scream if you want to go faster,” Waltzer situation!

It has been identified that Zoom meetings, phone and video sessions are much more exhausting than face to face.

I recognised that levels of tiredness had increased drastically, resulting in days off being solely about resting and recuperating. So, the cycle begins, lack of productivity breeds low motivation and crucial self care can begin to slide.

I identified that work days were extending and seeping into designated days off.

Crucially the illusion of ‘being at home’ had blinded me to the fact I had not a week off since Christmas, which, let’s be honest, is not a restful time - fabulous, but not a break.

When home working:

• Work start and finish times with set breaks.

• Ensure days off are set in stone.

• Make a weekly list of things to do, people to keep in touch with, non-work related.

Holidays do not have to be time away from home, they are a break from the norm.

A staycation is not a ‘waste’ of holiday but an opportunity to focus purely on what makes you happy; it’s not self indulgent, it’s necessary.