A DOCUMENTARY is being made to detail the effects of coronavirus on the village of Carleton.

This film aims to capture how residents have reacted to the crisis and how as a community they have supported each other,

The director of the documentary and Carleton resident, Philip Holmes, has seen first-hand the effects of the lockdown on the village residents.

He was moved to record these unusual times, shot in the village, with the co-operation of the residents.

Villagers reveal the ways in which the lockdown has affected them, their families and their businesses.

Their diverse and thought-provoking responses demonstrate the resilience of the residents and the character of the village.

One of the residents is a Covid-19 survivor and she talks honestly about how the virus has affected her and her family.

The documentary is being produced and directed by Philip Holmes who owns and manages PMH Productions. He has lived in the village for fifteen years and is the Chair of the Carleton in Craven Parish Council.

Thomas Holmes is the cameraman and editor and the researcher is David Williams.

The documentary, which is now in the final days of production, will be completed within the next two weeks.