A NEST filled with chirping robin chicks added a pleasant surprise element to an Easter floral display placed outside a locked church.

As the undisturbed flowers stood untouched for weeks during lockdown, enterprising parents found the perfect sanctuary to feather their nest and raise their young behind Easter lilies in the porch display in St Peter’s Church, East Marton.

Worshipper Irene Truman created the display to go between a locked porch door and a shut gate.

“The whole effect was constructed to give hope and cheer during ‘strange’ times. It was titled ‘Rise and Shine’ and beamed hope, joy and cheer out to passing locals doing their daily exercise,” said Irene.

Mother Nature then added an extra blessing when keen-eyed robins chose it to construct a nest, lay five eggs and fledge four young chicks.

“Their home was so well camouflaged and, appropriately, fledging took place the day before our churches were allowed to open their doors for private prayer,” she added.