It hardly seems possible that anyone could wish for wet and windy weekends throughout the summer, but if you lived in Settle and particularly on the SPA (Settle's Pollution Alley) it would make sense.

Over the last few glorious weekends of partial lockdown the number and noise of motorbikes has been horrendous.

There has been no pleasure in sitting out in the garden and having a window open for fresh air is quite impossible.

To make matters worse the council has allocated a special parking area for motorbikes in the market square next to the impressive town hall. When Settle was granted a market charter in 1274 it would not envisage damaging noise and pollution there.

When complaining to a biker he could not understand the reason for allocated parking when there is a large car park, petrol, toilets and hot drinks and snacks only three minutes' walk away from the town centre.

I was aware of the big, heavy wagons using the main street as part of the local economy but the real problem is the hordes of motorbikes and I cannot see how they can be stopped.

I have a more personal and serious problem than the neighbours as I was diagnosed with lung cancer some three months after moving to Settle, even though I have never been a smoker nor lived/worked in a smoky atmosphere.

My oncologist at Leeds is convinced it must be due to pollution. However, now the estate agents are open I shall move far away even though Settle is a lovely country town and I shall miss it, but my health comes first.

Mairie Heseltine