RECENTLY, we were going out for a short local walk when we saw a car travelling up Carleton New Road, Skipton, and pull up on the right hand side of the road near to the beck.

Someone took a bag of garden waste from the boot of the car and tipped it on the land behind the fir trees.

As we approached the gentleman got out another large bag and was about to do the same again. We told him to stop and take his waste home.

He argued that it would just rot down eventually and we argued that he should take it to the tip.

He put the second bag back into his car but I fear when we had proceeded on, he probably did dump the waste.

On our way back we did see some plant material floating in the water.

We did take the number plate of his car and perhaps we should have reported him.

Why do people think this is appropriate? Why do they not get a brown bin from Craven District Council which is collected every fortnight?

We were sickened by this man’s attitude.

Name and address supplied.