TALKING Pink is the title of the first exhibition to open at the Gallery on the Green in Settle following the easing of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The gallery, located in a former BT telephone box and believed to be the world’s smallest art gallery, remained opened while most others were closed from March to July – mainly because it was impossible to lock the door, though visitors were encouraged to take necessary precautions and maintain social distancing.

Now, with the lifting of the lockdown it has been possible to install a new show for the summer.

The exhibition, which opens on July 11 and runs to September 11, is a collaboration between contemporary artist Alison Medd and photographer Paul Rogers that investigates ideas and images based around the colour pink.

Stories collected from children and their families form the basis for an exploration of what the colour means across the generations.

The photographic images are collected ‘street photography’ which complement and balance Alison’s eclectic, investigative approach to pink.

Alison Medd is director of learning for expressive Arts at a secondary School in Kent. Alison is new to the Gallery on the Green but has exhibited contemporary art at group shows in Britain and Europe.

Paul Rogers was a lecturer in photographic studies at Blackpool and the Fylde College and has exhibited work previously in the gallery.