WE attended the first farmers ' market since the lockdown last Sunday and were delighted to see its return.

We were blessed with a bit of good weather for a change and it seemed to take on a flavour of the continent with some classical music being played at not too greater volume.

There were two musicians playing violins together and sounded wonderful. One musician was a small boy of perhaps 10 or 11 years of age and his grandfather.

This young man should go a long way as he was so talented and did not require to read the music for any of the pieces played.

This whole experience was such a delight and could be instituted at the ‘new’ Saturday market in High Street to give a continental flavour to the proceedings and might be an additional draw for visitors to the market from Teesside or the surrounding areas. Long may it continue.

One unfortunate aspect was that the tips must have been very limited because of the lack of cash carried by so many people these days.

David and Janet Lane