AS we come to the end of the school year I would like to share with Craven Herald readers as a school governor my appreciation for the amazing job done by the whole team at Glusburn Community Primary School.

When they all returned to school after the 2019 summer holidays, they could not have envisaged what would unfold over the ensuing 10 months.

However, thanks to their professionalism, dedication and goodwill, the school has dealt with the challenges thrown at us by Covid-19 in the best way possible, by ensuring our pupils still got a first class learning experience - whether from home or in school - despite the pandemic.

It was heart-warming to witness the whole team pulling together to find and put in place solutions that strove to be fully inclusive for our pupils - the Glusburn way!

Now, as we start to wind down this academic year, we can reflect on how well our school has dealt with the last five months and look forward to a well earned break before we return in September to take up the challenge, in whatever guise it presents.

As a general comment, most schools have stepped up to the plate and all staff have looked to still do their very best for all pupils in very challenging conditions, and whilst the PPE debate raged on, they just got on with their jobs, doing the most they could within guidelines that were constantly changing.

Once again, thank you ALL for your hard work. Enjoy your break and return recharged and ready for a new school year, but most important of all, stay safe!

Mark Wheeler, Chairman of Governors, Glusburn Community Primary School, Cross Hills