A SHEEP was rescued yesterday (Thursday) from a shake-hole near to a path between Ingleborough and Little Ingleborough, near Clapham, by members of the Cave Rescue Organisation.

Team members came across the stuck sheep while returning back to Clapham after going to the assistance of a female walker who had fallen and possibly broken her ankle in Trow Gill. The woman, who was with a group of walkers, declined an offer of help, and the CRO team was stood down.

It was while the walking CRO members were on their way back down the peak, at about 7.15pm, that one member saw the animal stuck in a shake hole, near the path from Ingleborough to Little Ingleborough.

A CRO spokesperson said: “. Having turned out for one incident, a small group agreed to stay out and rescue the sheep, rather than go home, then turn out again the following day. The team’s Honda Pioneer took them up the hill and the sheep was released from the mud and water in the bottom of the shake-hole. The vehicle, and one team member, were hosed down, back at Clapham.”