I WAS most interested in the letter from Brian McDaid, highlighting the great work being done by Brooklands Community Special School, Skipton of which he is a parent governor: a tribute that I am more than happy to endorse.

In my year as Labour Mayor of Skipton, I chose the Craven Pupil Referral Unit as my charity and spoke on occasions to Mr McDaid as a governor of that school, too.

I wish to pay tribute to that establishment, which is supporting many children and young people with the greatest need, and doing so with huge cuts in income making that task all the more demanding.

Such schools are, in many ways the Cinderella of the education system and yet are owed a debt of gratitude by our community. I raise my hat to the schools and staff who are doing such a vital, but often unseen, work.

Cllr Alan Hickman (Lab, Skipton West)