THE air ambulance and Cave Rescue Organisation was called to an incident near Ingleton on Saturday after a 12-year-old boy became ill.

The CRO said the youngster was reported to have fainted ad was unconscious near Snow Falls, on the Ingleton Waterfalls trail.

He was later reported to have regained consciousness and complained of abdoninal pain.

Paramedics plus a doctor from the North West Air Ambulance attended to the casualty, before CRO team members carried him by stretcher to a waiting road ambulance.

After decontaminating equipment, team members stood down.

A spokesman for the CRO said "It seems that the – normally fit – youngster had complained of the heat and tiredness, through the day – possible heat exhaustion?"

The incident was reported at 7.04pm.

It was the CRO's 47th incident this year and took 20 volunteer hours in total.