The closure of the High Street seems to have been a great success with a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

To make this arrangement permanent however, needs a resolution to the problem of bus routes.

Here is one suggestion: Buses from Gargrave, Grassington and Ilkley terminate and turn round at a new area at the top of the High Street – timetabled so that only one bus bay is needed.

Buses from Burnley and Keighley terminate and turn round at the Railway Station.

In addition to these main services, a local service of clean electric vehicles (free or a 20p nominal charge) runs every 12 minutes or so on a one way loop from the top of the High street via Jerry Croft, Whitaker's car park, Newmarket Street, the railway Station, Coach Street and back to the top of the High Street with convenient stops and a rest/charging interval at the railway station. Seven or eight vehicles should suffice.

This loop and the same electric vehicles can form part of the Embsay, Carleton, Shortbank Road and Greenacres services (with minor modifications). Additional local bus services using this same loop could also be provided to parts of Skipton lacking a bus service at the moment.

The present bus station site can be closed and repurposed.

This arrangement could be linked to the proposed railway station development.

Jeff Jones

Meadow Rise