A regular health and lifestyle column from Corinne Yeadon, of the Being Better private therapy practice based in Newmarket Street, Skipton

AUGUST is typically a holiday month, host to the last bank holiday before Christmas.

There appears to have been an upsurge in UK holidays and short breaks for those keen to venture further afield while feeling safe in the knowledge it is less problematic to return home should the need arise.

An increase in low mood and anxiety attached to the distress and restrictions created by Coronavirus has triggered yearnings to “escape” and have a break not only from work but from associations with COVID, a belief that is understandably rooted in the relief previous holiday experiences have provided. Holidays are generally a break from the normal, it feels like now they are representative of a break from the abnormal and a desire to return to times pre-coronavirus.

Holidays are generally something to work towards and look forward to, an opportunity to rest and recharge.

There continues to be threats of quarantine attached to holidays overseas but it feels like people are electing to undertake measured risk, particularly for those who have continued to provide much needed services through the pandemic.

Many are tempted by last minute holidays to reclaim the summer that has been restricted and confined. Some of us may not feel ready to take that leap but can appreciate the lure of a sunnier climate and the promise of a carefree mindset.

People need breaks and something to look forward to, now more than ever, even if it means setting the wheels in motion for a holiday jaunt in 2021.

Ways to achieve a holiday state of mind:

• Eat holiday food, whether that’s fish & chips, picnic or paella

• Dig out holiday photos for memory sharing

• Take a drive out for the day

• Book a touch therapy or treatment

• Research and plan a holiday or short break

• Take advantage of the eat out to help out scheme.