Re your front page story (Craven Herald, August 20: Council in disarray after no confidence vote in its leader), the only people who should stand down immediately from Skipton Town Council are Councillors Madeley, Shaw and Judge, and not the outstanding Councillor Robert Heseltine who has devoted himself to the people of Craven and North Yorkshire for decades, and who risked his life trying to save an elderly lady who unfortunately drowned in the great flood of Skipton in the 1970s.

What I want to know above all is how much the actions of Madeley, Shaw and Judge could cost me and all other Skipton Town Council taxpayers with investigations and industrial tribunals?

I have never read such a jaw-dropping account of a breakdown in relations between a council and its staff and I am sure no one else has. In fact, the Department for Local Government should immediately investigate the actions of Cllrs Madeley, Shaw and Judge, who can be assured that Hell will freeze over before I ever vote for them - if they have a future as councillors.

J Horne

Highfield Terrace