In regard to a solution for bus routes to Gargrave, Grassington and Embsay. Buses would leave the (Skipton) bus station and travel along Sackville Street and Westmoreland Street to the mini roundabout on Newmarket Street.

They would continue along Otley Road and turn left into Kingsway and then left again into Princes Drive.

The first turn right would take them into Regent Road and up to a 'new set of crossroads' where they would turn left to proceed to the roundabout at the top High Street and from there to their respective destinations.

Buses to Embsay would go straight across the new crossroads to complete their journey.

On the return journey buses would turn right into Regent Road and left into Princes Drive towards Kingsway to travel back along Otley Road and Newmarket Street.

Consort Street would be used for 'light traffic' only in both directions.

Regent Road would have yellow lines from top to bottom which would solve the 'parking problem'.

Derek Hickie

Princes Crescent