THE continuing unease, anxiety and restrictions brought about through coronavirus has identified another hero among our Craven residents.

Each month, in conjunction with North Yorkshire County Council, we highlight a group or individual who w e regard as the ‘Salt of the Earth’ for the acts of kindness they show others and for inspiring others to help members of the community.

Skipton resident Sarah Wilson has gone above and beyond to make life during Covid-19 that bit easier for her neighbours. She says it has been heartwarming to see residents come together during the pandemic and says the warmth and camararderie shown by people has reduced her to tears on occasion.

Sarah, a member of new support group Skipton Step Into Action (SSIA), has been helping support her neighbours in Sunmoor Drive since coronavirus struck. She has also been making masks to support Skipton business Cool Cards and Dogs body, in Silsden. In addition she has made and sold masks in aid of Sutton Hall Care Home.

All this while at the same time running her own accessories business, HomeBirds.

“We have lived in Sunmoor Drive for years and saw people we just said ‘hi’ to and we are now working together. It’s fantastic.

“The situation we have all found ourselves in has brought us together. We sat outside at the start and heard the birds and the lack of traffic. It was very surreal and bewildering at the same time..

“People I am helping support now, I would probably never have met. It has brought people closer. Skipton is a friendly town and I have enjoyed being able to help. It has made me feel so humble and grateful at the same time.

“It has made me emotional too. I actually cried during a SSIA Zoom call.”

Sarah is no stranger to helping out. Her aunt was a resident of Sutton Hall care home and after she died last August, Sarah continued to volunteer there until lockdown.

She added: “After caring for my aunt with dementia I was so aware how vulnerable people in our community were throughout lockdown My aunt was my world.

“I love being busy and running errands and stopping to have a chat. We all clapped each Thursday for Clap for Carers and it was a chance to see people and see they were alright. A lot have suffered with postponed operations, then appointments brought forward meaning Covid checks. It all added to their anxiety so any help that can be given does make a difference.

“I think we have a lovely community here. People are looking out for their neighbours and those we only knew to nod to or smile at before the pandemic happened are now good friends.”

Each afternoon, weather permitting, Sarah and neighbour Bryan Robinson enjoy a chat over the garden fence or sitting on the wall and are often joined by others. She helps do the shopping for five or six people.

“She really is the salt of the earth,” said Bryan, 83. a former turner with Rolls Royce.

“She goes and gets bits for me when I need then though sometimes the shopping list gets a bit long. I enjoy our chats in the sun. The neighbourhood is definitely closer than it was and people are looking our for each other and making sure they are safe”.

Sarah said a lot of thanks was being directed towards Dave Dunn who runs the paper shop at the end of the street.

“He has done a marvellous job keeping stocked up with essentials. It’s been a lifeline for residents,” Sarah added.

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