LIKE many others I read with horror and disgust the plans of Wetherspoons to promote what their manager Christopher Donoghue refers to as a great celebration. (beer festival).

This is not for a single day but a full 17 days! It is also noted that Wetherspoons chief executive, John Hutson has never failed to criticise in the media the Government precautions, and at one stage at the start of lockdown he said he would even ignore the rule to close his pubs.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic ever increasing, and Craven currently having the worst record in the whole of Yorkshire, it is sheer madness to use their cheap beer at £1.69 per pint to attract the younger set especially having regard to their notoriously bad social distancing record.

Its large seating frontage directly on to Newmarket Street which has a doctors' surgery and two opticians as neighbours will only exacerbate the situation and will surely make Wetherspoons the most dangerous venue in Skipton if not the whole of Craven.

It is purely a case of increasing profit and to hell with everyone else as well as the problems associated with cheap drinks and rowdyism.

It is to be hoped that the police will pay extra attention to this needless danger. At least in the case of crass disobedience of the rules, they will have the ultimate recourse of withdrawing the licence.

Robert Hall


Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon responded: “ Obviously everyone is entitled to their views.

However, it should be noted that our pub in Skipton, in line with all other Wetherspoon pubs, has taken numerous pressures to protect both customers and staff since pubs reopened on July 4. The pub also introduced track and trace at the start, before it became compulsory.

Our staff act responsibly at all times and this will be the case during the beer festival.”