A PEACEFUL demonstration was held outside the Skipton constituency office of MP Julian Smith today as part of efforts across the county to get North Yorkshire MPs to vote against the Government's Agriculture Bill.

The protestors, Phil McCarthy, Brian McDaid, Dr Clare Littlejohn and Muriel Bracewell, are part of a larger movement across the county and in Skipton were delivering a letter to Mr Smith urging him to vote against Government plans to bring in what they called 'dodgy meat' from the United States as part of a post-Brexit trade deal with President Donald Trump.

Currently Mr Smith's office is closed due to the pandemic.

North Yorkshire organiser for the movement, Richard Sadler, said: "Last May Mr Smith - and all five of North Yorkshire's other MPs - failed to support a rebel Tory amendment to the bill that would have banned imports of food from the US produced to lower standards than those required of UK farmers.

"This could have huge consequences for livestock farmers in North Yorkshire who face being undercut by cheap, low welfare factory farmed meat - which wouldn't even have to be labelled.

"On Monday the bill comes back to the Commons and MPs will have another chance to back a new Lords amendment that would stop sub-standard meat treated with growth hormones, antibiotics/ chlorinated chicken being allowed in as part of the trade deal. Opinion polls show 95 per cent of the public oppose US food imports and more than 20 Tory MPs - including Tory MP for outer York , Julian Sturdy, coming out and saying they will support the amendment."

Mr Smith was contacted for a comment.