By Corinne Yeadon, of the Being Better therapy practice in Skipton

ORDINARILY, at this time of year I would be writing about Halloween but this is no ordinary year. The ghoul that threatens us is unseen and much scarier. I found myself recently infected with COVID-19. My decision to “out” myself as being infected and testing positive is with the aim of challenging the stigma associated with Coronavirus.

People firstly asked where I had caught it. It’s no secret I have been overly cautious throughout the pandemic. My non-committal response was intentional, “does it matter?” It’s extremely contagious and can infect the most vigilant. I am decidedly uncomfortable about identifying infection sources as it feels “blamey” and my belief is that no-one is deserving of this horrendous virus not even the most reckless risk takers.

Secondly people enquired about symptoms; this is perfectly understandable, forewarned is forearmed, although I don’t feel that is entirely helpful. I will say that I was completely floored physically and mentally for 12 days rendering the most basic functioning impossible.

I admit to overwhelming panic in the early stages linked to the possibility of infecting my clinically vulnerable daughter and not knowing how severe my symptoms would be, or how the story would end. Thankfully, so far, my daughter has dodged the Corona bullet but unfortunately my husband also contracted COVID.

Whatever your theories or political standpoint I can assure you Covid is a hideous, very real virus. The focus became getting through and getting better, rest, fluids, vitamins and paracetamol. Swerving the daily news was essential, the reality of being part of daily statistics is unnerving to say the least. I also credit the comfort of Alan Bennett’s “Keeping On Keeping On” and the light relief provided by Netflix in bolstering my recovery.

The generosity of people messaging to check in, dropping food parcels, sending goodies and walking the doggies was a lifeline and beyond appreciated.

Covid does not discriminate - it doesn’t care about your postcode or your bank balance, it has no regard for your level of intellect or your social status.

All we can do is try our best to keep safe, look after ourselves and provide unconditional support to those infected who need help.