AN actor who has landed roles in such TV greats as Coronation Street, Harry Potter and Spooks has moved to Skipton and started a business in removals.

Mickey Thompson has featured as a delivery driver in the popular soap, as well as appearing in drama The Prodigal Sons, BBC1’s Sunshine, modelling jeans on This Morning, and taking part in a fun race on the Charlotte Church Show.

He played a Death Eater in Harry Potter’s Deathly Hallows 1 and 2 where he and other Death Eaters were computer generated into a vast attacking army for the final battle scenes, filmed at Leavesden Warner Brothers film studios over a two week period.

In Coronation Street he delivered an old van to the garage of characters Kevin and Tyrone on the street.

He has also, and which he regards as his favourites and funniest so far, been Phil Mitchell’s body double for scenes in Eastenders. He also has numerous other appearances as an extra in TV dramas and films.

Mickey, originally from Keighley, said his life now echoes some of his career, that of delivery driver, by starting a business, Skipton Removals, for Craven-based residents.

“I undertake car transportation, house clearances and full home removals.

“During my relocation to Skipton, I had difficulties finding a decent removal firm, not just at the right cost, but at the right time and, even getting a response.

“After contacting five for a quote only one did actually reply. Even then I had to accommodate a time slot and date that suited them rather then me. So, I found the cheapest and easiest option was to hire a large van, rope in favours from friends and do it myself.”

He has UK Environment Agency Certification as a Lower Tier Waste Carrier, which enables him and his men to carry out tip runs and house clearances. He also has the regular residents’ permit as well.

Mickey also ran the Great Northern pub, in Ingrow, in the past, but called time in 2013 after just six months after failing to raise the profits of the failing pub.

Now he hopes his new business will succeed while he continues to audition and take on acting parts.

He added: “On the acting front I have just had confirmation of a featured role on Grantchester, filming next week in Fleet, Hart, in Hampshire.

"Not an acting role - my career consists of being featured more than starring - but I just love being on set. This will be my first day of filming since lockdown."

Details of Skipton Removals are at: