What wonderful memories Chris Charlesworth evoked with his reminiscences of the New Ship (Craven Diary, November 5).

I too served much of my drinking apprenticeship in the Ship, as it was always known, in the '60s, and Chris perfectly describes the atmosphere, and the eclectic mix of clientele.

On the left as you entered was the 'best' room, and I think the main bar was there, but it was mostly the preserve of the more senior, domino-rattling customers and we rarely ventured in.

There was a tap room (without taps) to the right, but often we would congregate in the passage between and get served from the hatch at the far end. I don't recall ever making it to the back room; perhaps one had to actually live in Skipton to qualify.

The Ship was also popular with the local caving and climbing fraternity, amongst them yet another Craven Herald and Pioneer reporter who was the become the youngest ever editor before dying tragically in a caving accident.

Alan Stockdale