THE majestic former Wesleyan Chapel in Water Street still stands as an imposing feature, but without the stone feature gate posts and railings.

The chapel was built in 1865 with a grand, neoclassical facade at the princely sum of £4,000.

Many celebrations were carried out there, not least its 50th and 100th anniversaries.

It eventually became home to a North Yorkshire County Council office and when they moved out it went on the market for £375,000 in 2011.

Today the old Wesleyan Chapel, in Skipton's Water Street, is still as imposing, but its stone wall, gate posts and railings have long gone.

Now cars park nearby and its rooms are occupied by offices after previous occupants North Yorkshire Council Council moved to Belle Vue Square in 2011.

Methodism was a huge movement in the days when such grand buildings were built for worshippers.

The cost of £4,000 would have immense in those days and the movement was not shy in the scale of grandeur it wished to portray.

The building remains a beautiful feature in Water Street despite being surrounded by modern trappings. No one would have guessed at the 100th anniversary that it would not remain that way.