ALL but one of the 367 head forward at Skipton Auction Mart’s latest fortnightly Wednesday cattle sale were for further feeding, these comprising 48 young bulls, 43 beef cows and 275 bullocks and heifers. (Wed, Nov 25)

Feeding bulls met an exceptional trade for an entry of which 94 per cent were under 12 months and with extra buyers looking to keep finishing pens full for the New Year premium quality types made £1,000-£1, 300, the section producing an overall selling average of £967.

Feeding cow customers were also keen to secure cattle for the New Year trade, most selling in line with current factory returns to a top of £1,150 for a Hereford, with a section average of £711.

There was more spark ringside for all classes of store cattle. Strong, top-grade Limousin bullocks mainly sold from £1,200-£1,340, with Peter and Edward Fox, of Clitheroe, reaching joint top price of £1,400 for a single entry, matched by three from M Ryder, of Harrogate. Limousin heifers met a similar trade, sweeter sorts selling around the £1,200-£1,280 mark, Mr Ryder again leading the way with a £1,440 sale

British Blue bullocks sold to a top of £1,250 from Amy Beresford, of Halton West, with the best end making £1,120-£1,200, other good thick sorts with a touch less size £1,080-£1,100. Blue heifers traded similarly, with plenty of buyers ringside, the best grade making £1,250, large heavies the same price and good, strong Blue heifers £1,080-£1,170.

Natives met a flying trade, 41 Aberdeen-Angus bullocks averaging £991. Strong heavies again led the way on price, topping at £1,420 from Bargh Bros in Bracewell, with Skipton-based D&J Coates selling four at £1,200 and above. Other strong Angus bullocks sold in the £1,100-£1,140 region. While native heifers were few, the top end all sold well to £1,050.

Black and white steers sold well, with plenty of large bullock buyers ringside for these goods and a total average of £914 for the 29 on sale. Top price of £1,000 fell to one from the Downs family in Carleton. A single pedigree Limousin bull made £1,700.

The next fortnightly sale on Wednesday, December 7, incorporates the annual pen-judged Christmas show.