NORTH Yorkshire County Council highways department says it will repair a listed bridge at Bell Busk, near Coniston Cold, after a collision appears to have dislodged one of the massive coping stones.

The bridge, over Otterburn Beck and joining the River Aire, is one of two listed bridges in the area, and is on the turn to Malham, a well used cut through for people heading between the A65 at Coniston Cold, to Malham.

The other bridge is at the bottom of Mark House Lane, which goes to Gargrave, and which was recently restored.

James Malcolm, highways area manager, said: “We had not received any reports of damage to the bridge in Bell Busk. However, our highways team has since carried out an inspection.

“The damage to the bridge is minor. A coping stone has been dislodged but it is not deemed as a danger to the public.

“However, we have raised a works order which will have the dislodged coping stone repositioned and subsequently pointed up.”