THE Plaza Cinema, Skipton is due to reopen on Wednesday, December 8 with the 1980s classic, Dirty Dancing, with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

Other films postponed following the second national coronavirus lockdown include Aliens on Wednesday, December 9 and the National Theatre’s production of The War Horse on Thursday, December 10.

Also this month, A Christmas Gift from Bob, Trolls : World Tour, Grease, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Pulp Fiction.

It’s A Wonderful Life, with James Stewart, will be shown as usual just before Christmas itself. Because of social distancing, extra shows have been arranged so that everyone can enjoy the annual Christmas treat.

“We are glad to be opening our doors again,” said the cinema proprietor Charles Morris. “We’d only just reopened the Plaza when we were forced to close again within a week. Let’s hope we can continue this time and that we can shake off the virus soon and get back to normal. The cinema is a large space with upstairs and downstairs seating and with the various safety measures we have in place, people should be as safe there as anywhere."

Tickets may be booked for all shows via the website