THIS old photo of Sheep Street, Skipton, focuses on a rather drab former town hall building.

Sadly there is no date to the picture but the premises is instantly recognisable with the stone steps leading to the first floor.

Underneath, the tea room was a popular meeting venue in town. It is believed to have become a Chinese restaurant later and today it is a home interior shop. There is also a charity shop to the other side of the steps.

The building is thought to have been built in the 1600s, around the time of Lady Anne Clifford.

An historical article written by Barry Rawson suggests it was built on the site of the old Moot Hall. It was later known as The Toll Booth. Historically it is understood to have been a place where goods were assessed for duties or toll, as a prison, a meeting house and courthouse.
What will it be next?

The old photo has been reproduced by kind permission of the Ellwood family, Mrs V Rowley, North Yorkshire County Council and Skipton library.