SIGHTSEERS and people heading out to enjoy the snowy weather near Pendle Hill are being urged to stay away after an ambulance was hampered transporting a patient from the area due to the bad weather and inconsiderately parked cars.

An incident just before the third national lockdown occurred after several people made their way to the landmark after a snowfall.

Ribble Valley Police have said: "Would sightseers please stay away from the villages surrounding Pendle Hill?

"The roads are atrocious and parking on the country lanes is inconsiderate at best.

"(On Saturday) mountain rescue had to obtain assistance from the ambulance service to transport a patient and the ambulance had great difficulty getting in and out taking up more time and resources and potentially putting patients at risk."

The casualty was understood to have been a 70-year-old man who had been walking on Pendle Hill and had slipped on his decent causing a lower leg injury,

The ambulance was eventually guided through the area by Lancashire County Council gritters and police are now warning the public to stay away from the area.

Police also added that people going sledging should show respect for locals and farmers and stay off private land."

It is hoped the lockdown will result in fewer people making their way to the landmark to exercise so emergency vehicles will be able to navitage the roads safely if needed.