LAST week’s interesting landmark was indeed one of the portals to the historic Hoffmann Kiln at the former Craven Limeworks at Langcliffe, Settle, and was correctly identified by many people - Elaine Kirkbride , Michael Townson, Chris Bryant, Tony Carroll, Alex Merrett, and Peter, from Leeds.

The North Craven Heritage Trust says the first recorded Hoffmann Kiln - patented by Friedrich Hoffman in Germany in 1858, was at Meal Bank Quarry, Ingleton. The kiln at Langcliffe was a much bigger version, was built in 1872-1873 and is amongst the largest kilns of its type in the world.

It remained in continuous use - with one short stoppage due to industrial action in 1926 - until 1931, and was retired in 1936 for limited use until the outbreak of the Second World War, when it was used for the storage of chemicals.

The heritage trust says the kiln is one of the best preserved in the country, but points out there are a number of kilns of comparable size in Germany where considerable sums of public money have been spent in restoration.

In 1985, English Heritage identified the kiln as the best example of a Hoffmann kiln still standing in the country.

The Hoffmann kiln, a grade two listed scheduled monument, is part of a scheme to transform the site into a purpose built ‘rural enterprise centre’, given planning permission last year by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority.

Redundant buildings on the site will be redeveloped, while the kiln will be preserved. The scheme has received £1.6 million of Local Growth Funding.

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