SKIPTON Town Council is due to meet on Thursday evening to discuss items including ‘election irregularities’.

The full, ordinary meeting of the council, which will be held online via Zoom, will receive and note a report from Cllr Claire Nash, chairman of the council’s Audit and Scrutiny Committee.

Councillors will also discuss the ‘governance of Skipton Town Council’ and agree a statement with the intention of it being released for publication.

In October, last year, outgoing mayor, Cllr Peter Madeley, currently deputy leader of the council, claimed there had been ‘serious questions of governance’ over the previous six years.

He went on to claim ‘tens of thousands of pounds’ had been spent on investigations. The outcome had been that the council had not been doing what was expected of it and that there had been a ‘breakdown of trust’ between officers and councillors, he stated.

Cllr Madeley promised a ‘new way forward to make sure the problems of the past were not repeated’ and added that the council needed to be ‘open, accountable and objective’.

“We can and we will do better. We have to work as a team, giving those living here in this superb town the future they deserve,” he said at the time.

Other items on tonight’s agenda are to consider and approve the budget for the coming year and to set the precept - the council’s part of the council tax. Councillors will also debate the approving of a budget for its planning committee.

The meeting starts at 7pm on Thursday (January 14) and is open to the public. Visit: