By Corinne Yeadon, of the Being Better private therapy practice based in Newmarket Street, Skipton

OUR positive pants are in tatters and resilience is wafer thin.

To declare we are “doing great” feels false, it is okay to not do great, and important we don’t slip into giving ourselves a hard time because we are struggling.

“Doing good enough” is the aim. Just as there are variants of Covid, there are variants of anxiety and low mood.

I suspect new levels of both have revealed themselves to many people due to living in a constant state of vigilance, uncertainty and high alert.

Keeping in touch with people helps and expressing yourself is vital especially on down days.

Freedom has been something that has previously been taken for granted as a basic human right, but now is an aspiration and recognised for its value and worth.

One of my hopes is to walk through Skipton and see smiling faces unencumbered by masks.

Intentions are worth setting for 2021, in the most restricted of situations we continue to have freedom of thought and expression.

When setting intentions, make a list, there’s no rush to tick them off, there’s a whole year.


* What have you missed?

* People you want to see/meet up with, where might you want to see them?

* What places might you like to visit?

* What changes do you want to make within yourself to be a better version of you?

The number three has sacred and religious symbolism, it also is referred to as magical and lucky.

This being the case, the third lockdown will hopefully be the last of its kind.