LAST week’s mystery structure, not the most difficult, granted, was in fact sheep pens.

What makes this set particularly interesting is their scenic location, at the top end of Fell Lane, Cracoe.

Allan Friswell, author of walks, included a picture of the pens in his six mile walk to Rylstone Cross and obelisk, and many thousands of people doing the walk over the years will also have seen the pens.

This picture was taken by John Barrow, who says it is one of his favourite rural Dales pictures, and well worth a visit - once we can get out and about again, after pandemic restrictions allow.

The pens are within the Yorkshire Dales, and the national park authority does a roaring trade in all things sheep.

For anyone interested in a typical Dales gift, from the park authority’s website, one can buy sheep fridge magnets, coasters, tea towels and greetings cards.

There are also fluffy sheep toys, and sheep ‘fluffybugs’. But, if its the identification of sheep you are interested in, the book ‘know your sheep’ by Jack Byard, is currently out of stock, on the park authority website anyway.

This week, we are back to more familiar ground - a church building. But just where is this very imposing looking church? As a bit of a clue, it is on a side street off a small town centre, and is one of several churches in the area. It has also been restored.

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