SKIPTON Business Improvement District (BID) has launched a series of podcasts ‘Skipton Business Support’ to offer local businesses free access to an array of expert advice in collaboration with Rombalds Radio.

The series addresses the challenges businesses and individuals are faced with in the transition out of lockdown and navigating the post-pandemic landscape.

Liz Smailes, marketing and communications officer at Skipton BID said: “We wanted to move away from webinars. Not everyone is comfortable revealing themselves on camera or via chat boxes. The anonymous online submission form with Rombalds Radio provides that solution.

Skipton businesses are invited to submit their questions online at a dedicated podcasts page on Rombalds Radio (

Businesses and individuals can write in anonymously.

Five topics have been identified to launch the podcast series, focusing on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, employee furlough and bringing teams back to the work place, managing finances and CIBLs repayment, pivoting, adjusting and diversifying business in a post-pandemic landscape, and hospitality, tourism and marketing out of a pandemic.

The first two topics around the workplace will be addressed in February, with the three other topics discussed shortly after the lockdown exit plan is announced by the Prime Minister during the week of February 22nd and after the Chancellor’s budget is revealed on March 3.