IT baffled me to learn that a sequel had been made to 2017’s diverting animation The Son of Bigfoot.

A well drawn but ultimately forgettable - I had forgotten of its existence - 90 minuter, the film was, it transpires, a great success for directors Ben Stassen and Jeremy Degruson. So much so that they’re back for more.

Gifted the ineffably ropey title: Bigfoot Family, round two launches on Friday on Netflix.

If it’s taken a team of French and Belgian animators three years to produce the film, our story is set mere months on from the credits of the last one.

You’ll remember - no, that’s right, I didn’t - that young Adam revealed his powers to the world in the closing minutes of The Son of Bigfoot. He is, after all, the titular descendent of Dr Jim “Bigfoot” Harrison, a genetically mutated scientist only recently returned from hiding.

Unfortunately for Adam, now the whole world knows their family secret. If his Dad takes well to the public attention, Adam would rather just be a normal kid.

Swept up in a media frenzy, Bigfoot senior decides to use his new found fame as a force to good. A threatened wildlife reserve in Alaska becomes his focus and it’s not long before he jets off to the front line.

When he mysteriously disappears, however, Adam and his Mum, Shelly, race north to find him. Will they succeed? And can anyone save the wildlife reserve from the clutches of oil tycoon Conor Mandrak? There’s only one way to find out.

Much like before, it’s not the storytelling that sets Bigfoot Family apart. In that regard, the film is no less forgettable. Instead, Bigfoot Family sails along on the back of better than average rendering and a pleasingly three dimensional visual panache. Younger viewers should take to it well and sometimes that’s all a ‘toon’ needs to achieve.

A quick word also this week for Disney Plus. With new parental controls enforced, the upstart streaming service has a new spring in its step, thanks to the addition of Star. Boasting dozens of classic, and more mature, films and shows from Disney’s vast archive, this new streaming subsidiary has much to offer. Indeed, with all from Braveheart to Pretty Woman on offer, this last stretch of lockdown three might suddenly feel that little bit more tolerable.