A MAN broke one of his partner’s fingers, headbutted and punched her during weekend trips away, heard Skipton Magistrates Court.

During one stay at Skipton’s Hotel Rendezvous in October, Andrew Mullen repeatedly punched the woman in her back and stamped on her glasses.

Both had been drinking, they had argued about her previous partner and Mullen had told her to get out, the court heard today (Friday).

She had stood outside in the car park for a while before getting cold and going back in, said prosecutor Nadine Clough.

Mullen, 53, who by that time had drunk three bottles of wine, told the woman he was sick of the sight of her, while she accused him of being an alcoholic.

He stamped on her glasses, which had fallen to the floor, before then punching her five times to the back of her spine.

Despite causing pain, he failed to apologise and left her in the room. She locked the door, called the police and he was arrested, said Miss Clough.

The court heard the couple had been in a relationship for about two years although they had known each other for 35.

The woman said Mullen could be very charming and that she ‘generally loved him’, but was not sure he felt the same. He had always been a drinker and when drinking became aggressive, the court heard.

He had some spare money and had booked hotels to visit, which the woman thought was his way of making up for the violence.

On a visit to Whitby in August, he had ‘peeled’ back her fingers from her mobile phone, causing her to scream in pain.

A few days later, she had her hand X-rayed and a finger had been broken. He had shown no remorse and she had told people she caught her finger in a car door.

While in Leeds at the Holiday Inn Express, he had headbutted her in the back of her head before leaving her and going off to breakfast.

Mullen, of Culcheth Lane, Manchester, admitted two charges of assault by beating, on August 2 in Whitby, and on October 4 in Skipton, and of criminal damage in Skipton on October 4.

He also admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm at the Holiday Inn Express in Hunslet, Leeds on September 30.

In mitigation, Keith Blackwell, said Mullen had been worn down by circumstances. He had accepted he had a problem with alcohol and during lockdown his mental health and anxiety had deteriorated.

"Sadly, he has resorted to drinking to calm himself down. These weekends away were something that both parties relished. They went to places they’d never been before and there were a number of visits where there were no instances whatsoever," said Mr Blackwell.

Mr Blackwell said while in Skipton they had both been drinking and on occasion the woman would refer to her ex-partner and say he was a better man than Mullen.

They had not seen each other since October 4 because of bail conditions and she had said she did not want a restraining order.

Magistrates told Mullen they were adjourning sentence until March 26 for an all options report, which includes custody. He was also told the sentencing court could send him to Crown Court for its greater sentencing powers.