NORTH Yorkshire Police are currently making some changes to its social media accounts across the county.

It is being done in line with recommendations from the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) on the management of police social media accounts which are based on public feedback and the National Policing Digital Strategy.

A police spokesman said: “Behind the changes that we are making is the absolute imperative to protect our communities and our officers, staff and volunteers.

“Despite stating that our social media accounts are not currently to be used for reporting crime, we carry the risk that crime and intelligence shared on our official accounts, or accounts that look like official police accounts, could be missed.

“Our many officers, staff and teams who already post and share social media content have not been banned from posting. We know that the public enjoy the insight into policing that these provide.

“We will be asking them to share that engaging, interesting and personal content across our force wide and district accounts and some have already started doing this.

“By providing officers with access to our official accounts their ‘voices’ will be able to reach a larger audience. These changes will improve the service we provide to our communities through social media, enabling them to receive the North Yorkshire Police content they need through fewer channels.”