EARBY-based Contract Research Organisation, Broughton Nicotine Services, has launched its Blue-Sky Thinking Hub, an ‘open innovation community’ for companies to collaborate and develop ideas within the ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems) pharmaceutical and Cannabis markets.

Broughton Nicotine Services is a Earby-based Contract Research Organisation with over 10 years’ experience helping ENDS companies bring tobacco-free nicotine delivery products to market.

They have recently added services aligned with a number of new product categories including modern oral nicotine products, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis delivery devices, and work with clients based in the USA, China, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

The company is headed up by chief executive Dr Paul Moran and Dr Nveed Chaudhary, the company’s chief regulatory officer.

Dr Chaudhary said “Broughton Nicotine Services is dedicated to helping manufacturers meet regulatory requirements and delivering reduced-harm products to market.

“The Blue-Sky Thinking Hub seeks to engage companies with innovative ideas, which could be anything from new formulations to plastic-free or biodegradable products, technology to discourage and reduce youth access or even alternative charging for devices.

“Broughton helps these ideas to come to life by providing expert scientific and regulatory advice, contributing to the end goal of global total harm reduction.”

Dr Paul Moran added: “We are delighted to be launching the Blue-Sky Thinking Hub, which is the first of its kind in the industry.

“We invite industry professionals to discuss, debate and develop their ideas for new products aligned with regulatory requirements, and to hopefully help influence and shape new policies.

“Together we can achieve total harm reduction and a smoke-free future.”