OF the 32 prime cattle on parade at Skipton Auction Mart, on Monday, an increased entry in the retail weights comprised 15 under 30-month clean cattle, which saw James Robertshaw again in action ringside with four purchases for his own Robertshaw’s Farm Shop in Thornton.

Among the quartet was the highest gross priced steer at £1,645 (276.5p/kg), a 595kg Aberdeen-Angus-x from another quality pen consigned by ever-present Threshfield beef farming brothers Charles and Richard Kitching, supplemented by the second highest priced steer and heifer from the same home, the former a 595kg Limousin-x at £1,633, the latter a 590kg Limousin-x at £1,620, both making 274.5p/kg.

Leading weekly buyer with eight acquisitions was Bradford wholesaler Ralph Pearson Butchers, which accounted for an outstanding pen of cattle, including the leading gross priced animal at £1,665 (277.5p/kg), this a 600kg Limousin-x heifer from the Critchley family in Hutton, Preston.

The Pearson procurement also featured the top price per kilo animal at 285.5p/kg (£1,627), a 570kg British Blue-x steer from North Craven father and son, Francis and Andrew Smith, of Masongill, who also sold a 580kg Limousin-x steer at 279.5p/kg (£1,621) again to Pearsons.

Overall, steers averaged 264p/kg and heifers 267p/kg. This coming Bank Holiday Monday is the May prime show, with extra retail interest already confirmed.

Seventeen cull cows traded very similarly on the week and while the entry was short of cattle with finish these proved good to sell, with some worn cows between 115p and 135p/kg. Any dairies with a touch more finish were the same trade at 140p/kg or more, peaking at 143.5p/kg and £1,125 for respective black and whites from the Fort family on Silsden Moor and the Bell Busk Moorhouses.

Of the other dairy breeds, Fleckviehs continued to sell well to 145.5p/g, again from the Forts, while a 615kg Jersey made 104.5p/kg. The overall selling average was 127.92p/kg, or £814.17 per head.