A COFFEE house in Barnoldswick is offering its customers cannabis coffee using Hatcha, a milled cannabis powder.

Proprietor David Stephenson, who has run the town’s sole independent ‘takeaway only’ coffee shop, Frank Street Coffee House, since June 2019, said the beverage was perfectly safe and legal to drink .

“I’ve looked fully into everything with my suppliers. The information from the supplier says Hatcha is a versatile milled cannabis product that gives a high dose of CBD (cannabidiol).

“The product has a vibrant green colour and delicate pine nut taste that can be used in hot drinks and baking.”

He added that for those concerned about potential hallucinogenic effects of the ingredients, he assures that all the THC - the main psychoactive compound in cannabis -has been removed so its just the goodness of the plant.

He also enjoys drinking it himself, adding: “Been taking it for a couple of years - never slept better!”

As for being above board or driving afterwards, he said: “Yes, all safe and legal! Good to drive.”

“It is as close to nature as you can get and a spoonful of it is like taking a bite out of the whole cannabis plant.

“It is delicious in coffee and particularly shines in hot chocolate and mochas.”

The information from the the suppliers adds: “CBD is a remarkable cannabinoid compound that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system that is vital for our wellbeing and body balancing systems.”

They add it is manufactured in the Netherlands for CBD One claiming it is ‘one of the most highly respected CBD companies in Britain’.

Mr Stephenson was a coffee machine service technician for 13 years before he decided to open his own premises.

He was forced to close during the first lockdown, but was able to adapt to open during the following lockdowns.

He serves hot and cold drinks and milkshakes, as well as locally baked brownies between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 10pm on Saturday.