THEATRE company Falling Stars will be aiming to show primary school children its okay to have negative emotions and that things will change at a series of weekend performances.

Lothersdale based Falling Stars has joined forces with Mind Matters for Education to create an interactive performance called ‘Meet Jack’ about a young boy struggling with his emotions during a difficult week at school and at home.

Beccy Durham,director of Falling Stars Theatre, said: “Jack’s week ends with an explosion of feelings, the play flashes back to see what happened in his week to make him feel anxious and withdrawn.

“Football, school, family, friends have all contributed to Jack’s current state of mind and his refusal to talk about how he feels. Are you okay is a repeated question asked by other characters, to which Jack replies I’m fine!”

Following the performances, there are ‘emotion workouts’ to help identify and consider how to manage emotions.

The aim is to to help children recognise and validate their emotions, to explain how it is okay to feel negative emotions, and to recognise that things are changeable and the way they feel will alter.

Performances will take place at Embsay with Eastby Village Hall on Saturday June 26, at Carleton Village Hall on July 3 and at Glusburn Institute Community and Arts Centre on July 10. All start at 4pm.

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