THRESFIELD brothers Charles and Richard Kitching again led the prime cattle trade at Skipton Auction Mart’s weekly Monday sale when consigning both the top price Limousin-x steer and heifer, the former tipping the scales at 635kg and grossing £1,762 (277.5p/kg), the latter weighing 590kg and making £1,625 (275.5p/kg).

Both were among five acquisitions by Ralph Pearson Wholesale Butchers in Bradford, a further three claimed by Keelham Farm Shop in Skipton.

Trade for the ten under 30-month clean cattle was very similar on the week, the best selling in the mid-270’s and commercial entries, including British Blue-x dairy fed heifers at 555kg, making to 236.5p/kg.

Continental steers averaged 274p/kg across an average weight range of 620kg and Continental heifers 245p/kg at an average weight of 537kg.

More entries carrying finish were seen among the 16 cull cows, with liveweight trade continuing to exceed expectations.

Heavy dairies were 135p/kg-plus and steaking cows looked the best on price when nudging 130p/kg. Beef crosses sold well, a Limousin with scope for improvement making 160p/kg and heavy first-cross beef cows selling around 150p/kg. The overall section average was 128.10p/kg, or £900.68.

The fortnightly Craven Dairy Auction of 40 head comprised a nice cross-section of newly calven, in-calf and maiden cattle.

Top call of £2,500 fell to a pedigree first calver from Brian and Judith Moorhouse’s Aireburn herd in Bell Busk, with a section average of £2,105. Pedigree in-calf heifers sold to £1,720, cross-bred in-calf heifers to £1,480 and cross-bred maiden heifers to £740.

A small turnout of 14 rearing calves peaked at £410 for a solid British Blue-x bull from the Hartley family in Beamsley, another from the same home making £400. Blue-x heifer calves sold up to £315 from the Fort family in Silsden, while Limousin calves made to £280 for a heifer from Robert Metcalfe in Brearton. A much-increased entry is anticipated for this coming Monday’s bank holiday sale.